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Harmless Harvest5

They're make a really delicious 100% Raw Coconut Water and their focus on Organic and sustainable business practices is awesome.
- Jenna L.

Their coconut water is AMAZING!
- Janet D.

Great values. 100% Raw Coconut Water & I can't wait to try their 100% Raw Teas.
- Lyn V.

They are such a great company, on a mission to change the beverage industry by reconnecting people and plants. Their coconut water is the best one out there and so healthy !
- Maud V.

I love Harmless Harvest because their quality of Coconut/Coconute water is superb and delicious. Their pink ones are the best because they are delicious and pretty. Yumm. To Health, and to Honest Business!
- Rhowenna M.

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Heath Ceramics4

Pristine design and simplicity. They have a zero-waste policy, reusing everything down to the water that they use in production.
- Joe B.

A socially responsible company who creates beautiful ceramic tiles and pottery. A piece of Heath makes every home more beautiful!
- Margo M.

Beautiful, locally created works of art.
- Jonathan A.

local, outstanding product
- eug W.

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Recurrent Energy3

Make solar power
- Zach E.

Building a cleaner more renewable future through solar.
- Carolyn C.

power players!
- Amanda Y.

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They are great !!
- Chantal Z.

ORAM seeks new ways to help LGBTI people in countries around the world find safety and live their lives freely and without persecution. Created and grown here in the Bay!
- Stacey R.

Their mission is unique, sorely needed and so compassionate
- Barbara H.

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Split Pea Seduction3

Local business in a bad location (on 6th Street). They are trying to improve the neighborhood by bringing people to their restaurant.
- Lisa L.

Their food is amazing... everything is housemade, they use local farmers and pervayers. It's healthy and the menu changes often. Plus they have the BEST chocolate chip cookies! EVER!
- Amanda P.

Their food is fresh, tasty and organic! They are delicious.
- Mark K.

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Speakeasy Ales and Lagers2

They are born and brewed in San Francisco using local ingredients to make some of the most legit beer around. Tasty, local and balanced brews!
- Elizabeth C.

Great beer, great tap room, great brand and local.
- Scott T.

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Burma Superstar Restuarant2

Good food and cozy/ family atmosphere. They concern about the environment the city and the human side besides serving the good food.
- Raymond Q.

Burma Star, I love you and B* you are simply delicious. I hope you get my message because you guys really deserve every shout out for being soooo yummy!
- Rhowenna M.

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Mixt Greens2

Local sustainable produce!
- Laura G.

They're fresh. They're unexpected (hiding in great little nooks and crannies all over the city of San Francisco) and they're aware. Whether it's their seasonal produce, their exciting salads or their awesome employees....Mixt Greens brings something to the community that most restaurants lack.
- Eli W.

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Public Bikes1

Beautiful custom bikes!!
- Gina S.

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Blue Bottle Coffee1

The best coffee ever!
- Sheryl T.

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Huckleberry Bikes1

Killer bike shop in the heart of the 'loin, easily accessible by all the FiDi and SoMa commuters!
- Jordan G.

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Tara's Organic Ice Cream1

Tara's has the most unique ice cream flavors that are out-of-this-world delicious. Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, too.
- Kendra T.

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SF Custom Chiropractic7

I love SFCC because the staff is awesome! I love their chiropractic services and I always feel so much better when I visit. They are very innovative in providing diversified treatment that is tailored to my needs!
- Kylie H.

SF Custom Chiropractic is a great chiropractic clinic that features state of the art technology. What I really like about their office is that they are paperless and allow patients to sign on a touch screen. The staff members are very friendly and before you get adjusted, you get a brief warm up massage!! :)
- Jennifer W.

They are the greatest chiropractic clinic in the Bay!!!
- Justin C.

I really like it there because the staff is so friendly and they are environmentally friendly by making their office almost entirely digital. Big points on saving our environment and making me feel great after an adjustment!
- Jeanne M.

Dr. Jacobs & Dr. Gustin are the best! They treat patients holistically--offering advice on nutrition, proper body mechanics, and effective exercises, as well as working on my area of complaint, so I feel better after all the time!
- Sam A.

Best rehab and sports clinic in town.
- Anthony G.

My back injury is healed thx to Dr. Jacobs!
- Valerie B.

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They offer a bunch of great activities in SF and in cities across the US!
- Lillian Y.

They have awesome activities and have the best customer service EVER!
- Erika N.

Zerve provides exceptional customer service and is an awesome tool for a memorable vacation experience.
- Julia M.

They are awesome! I love all the activities they offer and they have an amazing staff! Such a positive corporate culture!
- Jonathan B.

I love Zerve because their customer service representatives are so enthusiastic, warm, and knowledgeable. This is also what makes them different - that we can expect world class service over the telephone even though we live in a digital world.
- Serena S.

They have the most fabulous customer service representatives! I called them later in the evening and expected an answering machine or automated telemarketer. I was pleasantly surprised to have a really great conversation with a friendly call representative! They are AWESOME!
- Lindsey K.

Zerve provides businesses in the tourism and travel/leisure industries with the tools they need to grow their business. Zerve also allows buyers to browse and search for great activities, then seamlessly book their tickets for those activities online or over the phone. This connection between small businesses, avid travelers, and local explorers makes Zerve a one-of-a-kind experience destination.
- Liam L.

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Blackboard Mobile5

The division is super chill, and treats their summer interns really well! It's been an awesome time working with Andy, Sparky, and all the other people around the office.
- Kunal S.

They're really chill and they treat their interns really well :) Everyone at Blackboard is really invested in what they're doing and at the same time open to learning (and teaching!).
- Ishita P.

Really innovative company and great place to spend the summer
- Tyler F.

Blackboard Mobile is a really fun company that is super passionate about what they do, and how they do it. It's a really great place to intern too :)
- Alex S.

The office culture is young, fun, and amazing! We are focused on helping students learn and enjoy their education.
- Calvin W.

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Sefton Family Law Group, PC4

Rock star staff!
- Sandy N.

Strong, Smart, Steady!
- Sheri B.

Raquel is energetic & caring!
- Sonny H.

All star team!
- Joannie F.

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Wildflower Cafe3

I love that they always have so much food to choose from. You can go healthy.....or not! Plus I love the owners.
- Dawn L.

The food selections are fresh, varied and delicious. Proprietors Mimi and Jay are always so friendly and welcoming.
- Mary R.

Fresh food always
- Clare H.

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they have ping pong, beer and make cool stuff
- Danny C.

Super friendly folks. Beer, ping pong, and Waffle Wednesdays.
- Darby N.

Super cool people.
- Martin S.

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Spotlight Promotions3

Local-woman owned business. Servicing the greater Bay Area for the last 18 years. First to market with Green, Sustainable Promo Items. Love them
- Frank L.

Joe Harmar, one of the owners, is just a joy to work with. He's not only a very kind person and very easy to work with, he is also always willing to do whatever it takes to get the project done right.
- Mabel C.

Superb customer service. They go the extra mile to see that your order is expedited. Need ideas for your promotional products call Spotlight and they will come up with just the right product for your company.
- Joan C.

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Dijit Media3

OMG best startup ever.
- Chris B.

they are awesome, maybe even the best ever.
- Jeremy T.

Great apps and website for watching TV and streaming movies, etc.
- Mark D.

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Consensus Corp.3

Driving force for the mobile retail industry!
- Chris D.

Super friendly staff!
- Bob D.

They are revolutionizing the commerce game w/ super user-friendly software.
- Michael T.

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826 Valencia2

They make curious minds grow, and for the love of pirates!
- Kelsey S.

An innovator in promoting literacy and writing skills, giving kids a chance to succeed in high school, get into college, pursue their dreams and change the world.
- Carol G.

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Bar Method2

Bar Method isn't just the best workout EVER-- it also will change your life. The SF Downtown studio has the most knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring instructors. Thank you Heather & Hannah!
- Kat W.

The most beautiful women in the City workout here.
- Ray A.

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Shabby Creek On Main2

I love all the vintage items the have at the store. The always have new inventory and so many cute things for the house!
- Sarbi A.

Lots of vendors and unique vintage items!
- Aryan S.

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Amazing taste!
- Sarah C.

Ummm YUM. Their chocolate were churned to perfection and melts so lovely. It's nice to know that they care about the environment and other businesses.
- Rhowenna M.

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Cupid Courier Collective2

My favorite messenger service in SF! Worker-owned! They get our documents to architects and developers around the city with a smile on their face. Also, all the Cupoids I've met have simply been cool people!
- Elliott T.

Cupid Courier has a relaxed attitude but, can always be relied on for same day deliveries. As a collective all workers take part, and therfore pride, in their business. Truly the sum of it's parts. Managing to stay in business for the last 14 years with all the changes in technology and the types of deliveries requested has been no easy feat. Having that a collective business model has allowed them to be flexible and stay relevant in an ever changing environment.
- Rachael B.

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Bourbon & Branch2

Once you find the unmarked door and provide your secret code word, you'll be granted access and taken back to the Prohibition Era. There are house rules to be followed to maintain the "Speakeasy" but you're bound to find something that suites your taste with the extensive beverage menu. This place is a must for residents and visitors alike!
- Jessica C.

Fun "speakeasy" atmosphere, great to take guests visiting SF.
- Martin A.

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I love their $5 breakfast burritos which include chips and their wonderful wonderful house made salsas!
- Linda W.

From their salsa bar, to their cafe de holla and aguas frescas, condiments and drinks are just the beginning. They're friendly, quick and the food is delicious every time.
- Pao C.

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Their chocolate tastes better
- Vicki N.

I am never disappointed
- Melissa S.

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Scomas Restaurant2

Worlds best macadamia crusted Halibut. It insprired me to make my own. Great fresh seafood and friendly staff.
- Chris S.

Best fresh seafood in the Bay Area... And probably close to the best anywhere.
- Les R.

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They create awesome software the betters the world!
- Niklas M.

Racing Track
- Diwakar G.

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One Medical Group2

One Medical Group is simply the best doctor's office around. They make seeing the doctor a surprisingly pleasant experience. My friends and I love them!
- Laura R.

Great doctors and supporting staff who you can actually get an appointment to see when you need to!
- Les R.

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Monarch-Kneis Insurance Services, LLC2

Monarch-Kneis is all about putting the customer first. Looking out for them when it comes to their insurance needs; ensuring they have the best coverage for the best price.
- Mary D.

Awesome boss, awesome co-workers and great working environment. Love coming to work!
- Nancy Y.

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Anytime Transportation LLC2

They are the best car service company. Reliable and friendly. Free car seats for kids. great small business.
- Phi N.

Nice, reliable and comfortable.
- Michelle B.

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Mission Chinese Food1

Hands down the best restaurant in the city!
- Ben W.

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Capital Eyewear1

Capital Eyewear is great! They produce their frames locally and utilize re-purposed materials whenever they can. It's a very green & inspiring company!
- Katie H.

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Foggy Notion SF1

I love their dedication to organic and local sourcing. They're an awesome location for SF gift finds.
- Amanda C.

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Scoot Networks1

They're changing the way people get around by sprinkling cool electric scooters all over the city. Fun, easy, inexpensive, good for the planet.
- Mark J.

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Lila B. Design1

A women-owned certified green business that creates stunning designs from repurposed, organic, and sustainably harvested materials for weddings, gardens, interiors etc. Their design are "local" from blooms grown in the parking lot outside their studio.
- Kimberly K.

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locally owned, unique products, in my hood, a great neighbor
- Lila D.

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Silverado Power1

SP harnesses the sun!
- Logan C.

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AdShore Media1

An innovative and creative digital marketing company
- Candace C.

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Ergo Depot1

Fresh approach on healthy working. Adjustable height desks, cool sit/stand seating, keep it moving!
- Hank H.

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Great customer service and Champagne and hors'devours upstairs!
- Gretchen R.

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The Wok Shop1

An entire shop dedicated to woks of all kinds. The owners are very knowledgeable about materials and cooking techniques and service is excellent.
- Ambica S.

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Parties That Cook1

These guys host hands-on cooking parties for companies and individuals. Super fun and tasty!
- Fitzhugh T.

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Swirl Advertising1

They are a fresh face for advertising!
- Cathy W.

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Garcon Bistro in the Outer Mission on Valencia at 22nd1

Fabulous French Bistro food, wonderful cocktails, yet not too fancy schmancy, nor too expensive.
- Cathy W.

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Workshop Cafe1

The most awesome newest addition to the FiDi. FINALLY a place you can sit and get work done comfortably downtown. With plugs galore!! And the coffee is Stumptown which is soooo tasty. This is definitely my favorite coffee shop ever.
- Jennifer N.

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Inkling 1

They make learning more accessible by building beautiful books that are available on all devices!
- Darren W.

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Flip and Tumble, LLC.1

They started the business addressing the issue of plastic bags with the invention of their 24 / 7 bag that compacts into a tiny ball. They have since expanded their product design company to offer a variety of innovative home products.
- Michael H.

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HRD Coffee Shop1

The crew at HRD Coffee Shop cranks out some delish eats on the daily in SOMA (and at their BBQ spin off in North Beach, HRD Smokin' Grill). BUT more importantly, everything is served with a smile and the best customer service in SF! Thanks Dave and Jojo!!!
- Michelle G.

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So many sodas to choose from
- Mark R.

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Sushirito 1

Sushi + Burrito = Yummy in my Tummy!
- Cameron B.

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Marco Polo1

I love their ice cream because they make with natural flavor
- Elise C.

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Sweet Lauren Cakes1

They make amazing custom cake pops, right here in San Francisco.
- Trevor H.

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Credit Karma1

Because Credit Karma gives truly free credit scores.
- Stacy W.

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Squat and Gobble1

they make the best crepes!
- Tyla B.

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Henry's HiLife1

Great customer service, Best BBQ food in the Bay Area.
- Javier P.

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The Joint, Berkeley1

Low cost chiropractic everyone can afford. Art gallery inside! People centered.
- Joletta B.

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Revolution Cafe1

They have awesome music every night of the week, no cover but donations accepted, and great food and beverages for purchase!
- Karisma .

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Cast Away Yarn Shop1

I love their classes and all of the beautiful yarn and how they organize the yarn according to gauge of yarn ;) also their expertise is great so if you have any knitting questions you can get some help! They also have beautiful displays and the ambiance is amazing. Just so much great stuff there. In historic railroad square in santa rosa.
- Cleo C.

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LeBeau Market1

They care about their customers , when I asked for specific item that I would like they go above and beyond to get it on their store which makes it very convenient in our neighborhood.
- Terri O.

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Poppy Von Frohlich coats and jackets are handmade with beautiful materials. They are unique and very high quality. The owner spends time understanding a woman's need for style and comfort, and is a great san francisco fashion treasure :)
- Cleo C.

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J. Sosnick and Son, Inc.1

They supply delicious candy and sweets to stores all over the Bay Area. Thank you!
- Brandy L.

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Little Star Pizza1

the food is so good there!
- sandra B.

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21st Amendment1

Excellent original brewery with cool atmosphere
- Amy W.

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Killpatrick and Townsend Law Firm1

They are so friendly and always willing to help!
- Courtney .

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Love their food and they are fast
- Maria .

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Dianni furniture store1

Because they make beautiful furniture
- Julie M.

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Farmer Brown's1

They have the BEST Sunday buffet!
- Jae P.

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Tommy's Wok1

Amazing food with good service
- Jeff G.

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Benefit cosmetics 1

Makes the best makeup
- .

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House of Prime Rib 1

The food is amazing! The portions are great and they have kept it simple and classic for years!
- Donna .

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Michael's Sourdough1

Phenomenal sandwiches and salads, homemade
- Mark Y.

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J. Sosnick and Son1

Fantastic candy!
- Sarah C.

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Spike's Coffee and Teas1

They have the best customer service of any coffee shop on town. Their attention to detail and passion for what they do is unparalleled.
- aaron D.

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Mona Lisa restaurant1

The service is incredible. The staff are from Italy. The food is the best Italian food in the city
- Michelle H.

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I love Fairyland. My grandpa used to own the train there and I spent my childhood there.
- Tiffany K.

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The Bar Association of San Francisco1

They offer great legal resources to the community, offer low cost referral services and there Justice and Diversity Center offer pro bono services to low income people
- David D.

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Hey, Cookie!1

Love how she breaks traditional business models, and is always wearing that milkmaid dress on deliveries. So cute.
- Alex P.

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Pawtrero 1

They truly care about our pets and stock the best, safest (even BPA-free cans!) food for them.
- Kat W.

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great pizza! hires a ton of people, feels part of the community.
- abby B.

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Ruby's Garden 1

"local grown" baby/kids clothing. great place to buy gently-used stuff, and support local business
- abby B.

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Moxy Beer Garden1

really good burgers, great selection of local (and strong!) beer
- abby B.

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Split Pea Seduction and Jersey Tomatoes1

Two small business in one. One is a catering company and the other is a lunch and breakfast restaurant. 100% organic and they use all local farmers. How is that not love? their food is just fresh and delicious too.
- Cindy B.

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Their food is great. You order at the cash register and then seat yourself.
- Mary G.

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Monterrey Market1

Because they provide incredible, fresh, local produce at the most affordable price I've ever seen.
- Erin M.

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Roxies Food Center1

I love them because they have been in San Francisco for over 30 years and have always are concerned about the flavor of their sandwiches. Their sandwiches are definetely an explosion of flavor once you take that first bite. I love them!
- Rhowenna M.

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Edible Excursions1

Lisa and her team know the food scene in SF better than anyone!
- Karen H.

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Ricci Sprouls1

They have amazing customer service
- Claudia P.

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Original Joe's Restaurant1

It's a long-time San Francisco restaurant that was shut down by fire. After several years of fundraising, they were able to reopen in North Beach. Amazing food and an environment like no other place in the city.
- Stephanie B.

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They make working out fun and challenging at the same time...in 30 minute classes. The instructors are encouraging, knowledgeable in their field, and never boring. They keep you engaged and motivated. Next thing you know, you're noticing visible muscle toning and feel great.
- Carolina U.

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Rickshaw Bags1

Made in San Francisco, extremely durable and stylish, room for all you think you need to carry!
- Marilyn D.

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Arizmendi Bakery1

I love Arizmendi because they have really delicious vegan baked goods and they are worker owned.
- Mimi T.

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Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus1

Advancing Justice-ALC is a non-profit, civil rights organization that does so many amazing work with the local SF communities. Please see their website: www.advancingjustice-alc.org
- Kora T.

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They have a nice touch!
- Ray A.

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Stript Wax Bar1

Great owners from right here in the Bay Area, saw a need for this kind of business in the busy Financial District and opened up shop in a new an convenient location!
- Calli M.

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Max's Restaurant1

Your people are very friendly and your food is awesome!
- Dave N.

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Blissful Bites1

A small mom and pop bakery that makes absolutely fantastic pastries, cupcakes and cookies. A gem of a place with lovely owners and clientele.
- Victoria D.

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Morning brew coffee & tea1

Great staff & best matcha green tea latte in financial district!
- Sonia .

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Headline Shirts1

Cool, funny t-shirts from local indie company. Tees are designed, manufactured and printed in SF with water-based inks. Boom.
- Liddy P.

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Biotech in the heart of SF (unusual) developing medicines that prolong the life of cancer patients (why I love them).
- Anne L.

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Waiheke Island Yacht Club1

Love them for their modern approach to cooking and introducing us to New Zealand favorites. Different because their stay in SF will be temporary; they are a pop-up restaurant here to celebrate Americas Cup.
- Anne L.

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The Taco Shop and Underdogs1

Best fish tacos in the bay area.
- Kara H.

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Grant and Green Saloon 1

Community Oriented business. The owner also runs a non- profit educating African youth.
- Lora H.

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Jackson Square Cafe1

Everything is fresh and made to order.
- Helena K.

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They're very customer centric, very fun, flexible, and willing to tread uncharted waters with their products, services, and interactions with their customers. Disconium!
- Buddy G.

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The Acme Bread Company1

They make the most delicious breads. Quality bread at a great price.
- Michelle B.

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The Lonestar Saloon1

Fantastic bartenders. Solid affordable adult beverages. Staple bear bar of North America.
- Buddy G.

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Duboce Triangle Chiropractic Clinic1

Excellent service!
- Cedric H.

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Chasov Electrical, Voice & Data1

Careful attention to detail and always having customer focus and sensitively in mind. Flexibility working with the client on time and finance.
- Tony G.

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Pedal Revolution1

They teach and employee locals how to service bikes, and they have great rebuilt bikes for every kind of rider, all with a reasonable price tag!
- Anne R.

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Catapult Design1

They're a non-profit design firm that's closing the gap in global inequality by providing design, engineering, prototyping, implementation, and education services at cost.
- Lauren P.

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Specialty Bakery1

The pecan roll and cookies are great. Eat one almost each day
- Penetrate G.

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It's the one place online that I can pretty much find anything I need. Plus there's no paid advertising
- Mike W.

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Ebbett's Good to Go1

Delicious, traditional sandwiches with a twist, made with top quality local ingredients.
- Jadine M.

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Ike's Sandwich1

Delicious sandwiches!!!!
- Michelle B.

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Buy Me Brunch1

They are a great local company making cool products with an SF flavor, by great people!
- Casey C.

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The Cupcake Cove1

Delicious cupcakes and pleasant personalities!
- Ryan S.

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Tartine Bakery1

The tastiest baked goods I have ever eaten. Super friendly people working there.
- Chuck C.

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Firenze Restaurante1

Great atmosphere, great wine and amazing Canolli! The real deal! Always a go to when I'm in the Bay :)
- Cory S.

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Morning Brew Cafe1

Lovely family business, so friendly, great service. Excellent selections of breakfast and lunch items.
- Mary R.

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Healow's Flowers1

Owner Angel Healow is so sweet, kind and professional. She has elegant taste and her flowers and arrangements are beautiful.
- Mary R.

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Senor Sisig1

Deliciousness!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they have the best logo
- Maria C.

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Hunan Home's Restaurant1

A China Town establishment. Consistent food and service day and night, plus the best pork chops in NorCal.
- David H.

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Timbuk 21

They make a sturdy, nice looking reliable product with finazz and class exemplying what SF is all about.
- Susan C.

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Jeffery's Natural Pet Foods1

They make the best beef jerky! No dog can resist.
- dennis C.

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