catalyst series

Umpqua Bank brings you featured innovators that speak on breaking convention, shaping new categories and increasing quotients of commercial and social good.

Upcoming Events

More events are coming soon! In the meantime, you can explore past events with San Francisco innovators and thought leaders below.

Past Events


Nevan Krogan Ph.D
Nevan Krogan Ph.D – Mapping Your Genome

Nevan will lead an inspiring discussion about his work transforming big data mapping into real-life solutions for improved research and health care. Nevan is a Professor of cellular and molecular pharmacology at UCSF, full investigator at the Gladstone Institute and Director of QB3 @ UCSF, a biotech incubator "garage."


Tom Lee
One Medical Group - Reinventing Healthcare

Click here to watch a video from the evening. Tom X. Lee M.D., founder of One Medical Group, discusses his journey to invert the healthcare paradigm by questioning the status quo, introducing smart new technology to the doctor's office and focusing on patients as individuals rather than a collection of symptoms. Dr. Lee’s work is disrupting the industry and driving a new era of healthcare.


Tom Kelley of IDEO
Tom Kelley of IDEO

Click here to watch a video from the evening. Tom Kelley, best-selling author and partner at the design and innovation consultancy IDEO, discusses how to nurture your creative confidence. Tom is a business consultant and public speaker, globally recognized as an expert on innovation, design thinking and organization design.


Rickshaw Bagworks
Mark Dwight of Rickshaw Bagworks

Click here to watch a video from the evening. Mark Dwight, founder and CEO of Rickshaw Bagworks, leads an inspiring conversation about creating a thriving business with sustainable, environmental and humanistic social values. Rickshaw Bags are made fresh daily by San Franciscans and Mark shares his stories about bringing manufacturing back to local roots.


Ray Davis
Leading Through Uncertainty with Ray Davis

Click here to watch a video from the evening. Uncertainty is here to stay, offering both great opportunity and great risk. Umpqua Bank CEO Ray Davis leads an energizing conversation – inspired by his new book, "Leading Through Uncertainty" – on how leaders in any industry can innovate and succeed in any economy. Under Ray’s leadership, Umpqua navigated the Great Recession, emerging from it stronger than ever.